Beautiful animals are found all over the world, some that live on land and others who dwell in water, and there’s no doubt that every country and region is home to some really unique fauna. New Zealand, however, is particularly special, as it is home to not only a few unique animals but a plethora of creatures that are not only unusual but are also found nowhere else in the world.

Some of them are slightly different species you may already be familiar with, while others appear to be almost completely novel.

Thus, a visit to New Zealand promises to be entertaining – you can see and learn about the nation’s wildlife during the day and play the online slots NZ offers by night. Indeed, it can be an educational and relaxing trip all at once!

If this sound appealing to you, here are the most fascinating animals that you can see in New Zealand.


The tuatara is a prehistoric-looking reptile – it may make you think of dinosaurs – and is the only surviving member of one of the most ancient groups of reptiles in the world. They’re a little creepy looking, but they’re incredible nonetheless. Go to a wildlife sanctuary to see for yourself.

Hector’s Dolphin

These dolphins are unique due to their small size – they’re actually the smallest and rarest in the world – and they’re endemic to New Zealand. They tend to swim pretty close to the shore and you may be able to spot them on a dolphin tour.


A kakpo is the largest, flightless parrot you’ll come across, and you’ll only find them in New Zealand. If you’d like the opportunity to see one in real life, you’ll need to visit a wildlife sanctuary.


This one may sound familiar to you, and the reason for this is that people from New Zealand have been affectionately named after this little bird for many years.

An actual kiwi, however, is a flightless bird that is found only in New Zealand. They’re an interesting animal because not only are they one of few birds that don’t fly, but they’re also nocturnal. You can see them in wildlife sanctuaries or on guided tours, and these birds are the national symbol of New Zealand.


Not only is the kea – a type of bird – endemic to New Zealand, but it’s actually pretty much only found in the alpine regions of the South Island. They’re the only alpine parrot in the world and they’re renowned for their curiosity and playful nature.

Little Blue Penguin

New Zealand is actually home to a few different types of special penguins, but one of the most unique is the little blue penguin. Its scientific name is Eudyptula which means “good little diver”, and it’s certainly accurate.

This sweet little ocean birds are small (no surprise there) and the “blue” in their name refers to their blue-tinged feathers.