Heading out on safari is always a great adventure. You’re never completely sure what you’ll see. Maybe a rare sighting of a usually nocturnal or shy animal. Perhaps a predator making its kill or maybe the prey fighting back and escaping.

Whether your upcoming safari trip is your first adventure into the bush, or you’ve been numerous times before, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on what to take with you:

Bush Clothing

There’s a reason why game rangers wear khaki clothing. Neutral tones blend into the bush. They also go a long way toward preventing you from scaring the animals. You never want to wear brightly colored clothing when out on a game drive. Stick to neutral tones – beige, khaki, brown and dark greens. You should also avoid wearing actual camouflage clothing as that is illegal in some places.

Binoculars and Long Camera Lenses

Next up, you need the right equipment to see the animals. A good pair of binoculars is always important to take with you because it’s not often that the exciting sightings will happen right by the roads or paths that you’re driving along.

If you want to capture the sightings on camera, then you need a good zoom lens on your camera. If you’re just a hobbyist, you don’t need to go all out and get one of those massive, long lenses, but something with a decent optical zoom is great.

All Weather Gear

When you’re out in the bush, you never know when the weather might change on you. Just because an area is supposed to be dry or you’re going outside of the rainy season, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared.

Be sure to bring a rain jacket for yourself and a weatherproof bag for your gear – especially if you have a decent camera and lens with you.

Computer and Tech

Speaking of having a decent camera with you, it’s important to have the tech to back it all up. Portable chargers are a must, especially if you’re heading out for the whole day on game drives or hikes. You want to be able to keep your camera in the game all day.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to disconnect completely from technology and many of us don’t want to. Your lodge or accommodation will most likely have an internet connection so you can get your computer and phone online. That means you’ll be able to check your emails, keep up with your usual digital activities like playing online casino games, and hit social media with your latest snaps from the bush.

Make the Most Out of Your Adventure

When you have all the right gear for your safari, it makes the whole experience that much more amazing. You’ll be able to capture the incredible moments that play out before you. There’s nothing quite like a trip to the wild to see animals in their natural habitat.