No trip to Africa is complete without going on an authentic safari out in the bush. It’s truly memorable experience that will stay with a person for the rest of their lives, and it’s one of the most compelling reasons that so many people travel to Africa every year.

For the most part, all the hard work on a safari is handled by the organisers of the safari, which tends to be the rangers that drive the vehicles and offer information about the animals, but there are some things to keep in mind to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Go As Early As Possible

Summer tends to be the best time to visit Africa, as this is when there is plenty of wildlife to see. But it also means that it can get extremely hot over the course of the day, and many animals will only come out at certain times, while spending the rest avoiding the African sun. There will plenty to view by going out in the evening, but it’s the early mornings that are truly spectacular – this is when the majority of wildlife is stirring, and the best time to see everything that Africa has to offer.

Take Decent Binoculars

While game rangers are incredibly experienced at what they do and go to great lengths to try and get as close to the animals as possible, there will be times when an animal or bird is in a place where the roads simply don’t go. This is why it’s a good idea to take a decent, quality set of binoculars with while out in the wild. They can extend the range of vision significantly, but they can also help focus on a specific animal to get as much detail as possible.

Ask Questions

Many of these game rangers are extremely experienced and have been doing what they do for many years, so sometimes it can be intimidating to ask questions. But for the most part, they love to answer questions, and it’s very seldom that a question could be considered “dumb”. A large part of their jobs is gaining as much knowledge about African wildlife as possible and being able to pass that information on to visitors is an important part of the role, especially if it means that more people will gain an appreciation for the African wilderness.

Have A Good Camera/Phone

The African veld is like no other place on earth, so it’s worth having a decent camera to capture as much of it as possible. A DSLR camera is always highly recommended – although a phone can work too, and it’s great to play the odd mobile casino Canada game while waiting – as it can take the best quality pictures around, but these can be quite expensive to purchase, and will need a number of accessories to work properly. A good smartphone is another choice, and anything in the Samsung or Google Pixel range is sure to offer excellent camera picture quality.