KwaZulu-Natal is a province in the country of South Africa that has long known for being one of the greatest places in the world for those that have a thirst for adventure. Although it’s packed with fantastic cities and plenty of little towns, there are also nature reserves and conservancies dotted around the province that are the perfect way to see some of the nature that KZN has to offer.

Isimangaliso Wetland Park

Cape Vidal is a world-famous destination that offers an incredibly abundant array of flora and flora. It’s set right on the warm Indian Ocean, and while there’s plenty to do and see within the area, it’s the Isimangaliso Wetland Park that really provide the appeal. It’s an incredible park that has rock pools, cliffs, beaches, and coast forests to explore, and has long been a favourite for snorkellers and anyone with a passion for sea life. It’s also situated close to St. Lucia, another region that has remained one of the wildest parts of northern KZN.

Royal Natal National Park

The Royal Natal National Park can be found in the uKhalamba Drakensberg Park, one of the most pristine mountain ranges in the world. Anyone visiting the area can spend their time hiking, fishing, swimming, climbing the cliffs, going for horse or 4×4 rides, or just relaxing near the pool.

For hikers, the Drakensberg Amphitheatre is truly unmissable, offering breathtaking views of the incredible area that surroundings the Drakensberg. There are plenty of lodges, chalets, and campsites within the area, offering visitors the chance to get a full taste of everything that KZN has on show.

Sodwana Bay National Park

Sodwana Bay is renown the world over for its incredible beaches, which visitors explore with a snorkel or going down with full scuba gear. It’s also a fantastic place for sports fishing, with rich and abundant waters that are perfect for taking the boat out for the day.

It’s a part of a protected area that stretches around 150 kilometres in total, starting from the border of Mozambique to the north and down all the way to Cape Vidal. There is so much to do in the area, ranging from turtle tours to snorkelling to hiking to sitting back at the local chalet and taking in all the beauty that KZN is known for.

Midmar Dam

While it isn’t quite as wild as some of the other nature reserves on this list, Midmar Dam is still worth the visit, especially for visitors that are keen on heading through the famous KZN Midlands Meander. Set just outside the small town of Howick, Midmar Dam has plenty of wide open spaces for families to set up for the day, while also having access to clean waters that are great both for boating and swimming, or to sit and relax with a cold beer while checking out the latest FIFA World Cup betting odds. It has long been a favourite for fishermen, too, although it’s important to acquire a fishing licence from the front office.