There’s nothing quite as exciting as heading out into the wilderness and seeing all the incredible insects, animals, and plants that nature has to offer. And while going out over the duration of the day is always going to be a good time, there’s something sincerely magical about camping out in the wilderness. The early morning and late evening are when the natural world really comes to life, especially that small period of time as the sun is either appearing or disappearing.

Camping can be a relaxing experience in any natural setting, but when in the African savannah, there’s nothing quite like it. If you intend to camp the next time you are on safari, use this guide to make it a truly memorable experience.

Always Plan Ahead

Safari camping isn’t quite like going out and camping at a local nature reserve that’s just a half hour down the road. Most places in the African wilderness don’t have fresh, potable water or electricity, which means that campers will need to fend for themselves.

This is why planning is so important – ensuring that you have everything you need to camp comfortably throughout, which includes having plenty of drinking water as well as food. Remember, this is a time to enjoy nature at its purest, but that also means having to forgo a lot of the luxuries that we’ve come to enjoy in our modern world.

Packing Food

If you’re planning on camping for a few days or even weeks at a time, it’s absolutely vital that you have enough food on hand. It won’t be possible to pop down to the local convenience store and buy a few steaks to throw on the barbeque.

Instead, you will need to buy food that can last for long periods of time without refrigeration, such as dry grains and beans, and other pre-packaged foods that are designed to last for a long time. Fortunately, there are plenty of these kinds of foods to choose from at the nearest camping store, but always make sure to make more than you will need, just in case you end up staying longer than anticipated.

Invest In Quality Gear

It’s highly recommended to invest in gear that’s able to withstand all the challenges that a natural setting represents, and when out on a safari, this often means lots of heat as well as sudden downpours of rain. Therefore, anyone wanting to remain safe, comfortable, and dry while camping will want to make sure that the gear that they take along is able to provide plenty of shelter.

Having some entertainment can also help, such as a few books, or just a smartphone to enjoy videos or mobile horse betting. The sun is something that a lot of campers don’t take into consideration – but the African sun can be extremely harsh, and a quality tarp that everyone can sit under for the duration of the day is advised.