Nature is not a static thing, and it’s almost always in a constant state of flux. While this is a good thing in terms of overall biodiversity and the dynamic health of an environment, it isn’t so great for anyone wanting to capture those special moments in nature.

Some photographers don’t mind sitting and waiting for hours on end with their cameras at the ready, but not everyone has that kind of time or patience. Another way of capturing the very best that nature has to offer is by instead making videos, which allows for a lot more breathing room, especially when it comes to the editing process.

Getting started with nature videography is much easier than a lot of people realise, but it does still mean that a capital investment is needed for the gear, so choosing the right gear is important.


One of the aspects of videography that makes everything so much easier is stabilisation. Instead of standing there with a video camera waiting for something to happen, rather set it up in such a way that it’s continually running, increasing the chances of capturing something interesting on film.

This is made significantly more simple by using a tripod, which is a simple and relatively cheap device that can be used for a wide variety of different cameras. It will mean non-shaky, smooth videos that are able to capture everything as it happens.

A Decent Microphone

Another piece of gear that can add noticeably more quality of a video is a microphone. It’s not necessary to capture video, but amateur videographers are always surprised to learn just how much more they get out of a video that’s got quality sound attached to it. Microphones come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and qualities, so it’s highly recommended to do a bit of research before making a purchase.

Lots Of Extra Storage

Whether it’s high quality pictures or videos, having plenty of storage capacity is absolutely vital. If shooting in more than 480p, it won’t take long for the standard SD card to quickly fill up, which is why videographers usually take a ton of extra storage space along with them, which can sometimes be hundreds of gigabytes.

High-definition nature videos may need up to a terabyte or more of storage memory, so make sure to take enough with you. Plus, it can help to have a phone with a microSD slot to quickly move videos around on a phone, as well as to have extra storage for games, photos, or real money pokies apps.

The Camera

The most important piece of gear to consider, the camera also tends to be the most expensive, although there are a lot of decent cameras that are being sold for a relatively low price.

DSLR cameras are an excellent choice, but a dedicated video camera will offer the best quality for the price. For those on an extremely tight budget, consider investing in a flagship camera instead.