Yes, animals can be dangerous. Most dangerous animals will avoid humans if they can, but there are also those that will attack without provocation. Either way, the most dangerous animals, technically speaking, aren’t what they first seem. Let’s take a look at some surprising facts about dangerous wildlife.

Jellyfish Are Terrifying

While it is commonly known that jellyfish are dangerous, many don’t understand just how dangerous. Jellyfish tentacles are riddled with venomous spines, and getting stung is close to a certain death sentence. While it is possible to survive a sting, depending on how severe the wound is, the person will probably wish they were dead, given the severe levels of pain.

Lions may be scary, but jellyfish tend to be more dangerous given that they’re camouflaged. Most that get stung don’t even know the jellyfish was there.

Cone Snail Poison

The most worrying thing about cone snails is that they look like other, ordinary sea snails. Cone snail poison, however, is enough to kill a human many times. Anyone getting stung by a cone snail is almost certain to die, especially given that there’s no anti-venom. Thankfully cone snails are not only rare, they also don’t generally inhabit areas commonly visited by humans.

Beware The Black Mamba

The vast majority of snakes will avoid humans at all costs, but not the Black Mamba. The Black Mamba is so feared because it will aggressively attack humans, and often even chase a human for no good reason. This is exactly why it is so important to be aware when walking in the wilderness. Sites like the CA mobile casino can be visited safety at home. It certainly isn’t advisable to be distracted playing mobile games while camping in snake territory, out in the bush.

Cape Buffalo Dilemma

Literature and films have given the impression that herbivores are docile, friendly, and pleasant. But they aren’t in almost all cases, being perfectly capable of protecting themselves. The Cape buffalo is a prime example, seeming to be a sleepy grazer. But get too close and the Cape buffalo will mercilessly charge, often without any provocation.

Cape buffalos have even been known to charge stationary vehicles. Needless to say, the vehicles didn’t come out of those fights the winner. Buffalos are perfectly capable of tearing most vehicles to pieces, given that they weigh over 2,000 pounds.

Driver Ant Swarming Attacks

Driver ants, or dorylus, are feared in many African cultures; for good reason. The species of army ant are mercilessly aggressive, extremely territorial, and attack by swarming. It isn’t uncommon to see rivers of these ants sweeping through jungles, destroying plants and killing any other animals that aren’t fast enough to escape. Humans may generally be fast enough to get away, but those that don’t are in big trouble.


Last we have the pufferfish. As the name suggests, they puff up when threatened. Get pricked by their spikes and you will be paralysed, which isn’t a good condition to be in when swimming in the ocean. Chances are high that a human will die within a few minutes after being pricked by a pufferfish.