Forget about imagining what aliens are like, most aren’t even aware of how strange our own planet is. Earth is packed with animals of all shapes and sizes, including everything from blue whales to ants. The reality of some of these creatures is so strange, so bizarre, and so unbelievable as to seem impossible.

But make no mistake, these facts about the animal kingdom are 100% true.

Female Ferrets Die If They Don’t Mate

Mating is a big part of all natural life, often being the driving force of an animal’s existence. But what if mating was necessary to the point of it being life or death? The female ferret faces such a dilemma, given that she will literally die if she doesn’t mate.

The hormone oestrogen is to blame. During mating season a female ferret will produce oestrogen, and won’t stop producing it until she has mated. The problem with oestrogen is that it will eventually lead to Aplastic Anaemia, which boils down to a slow and ugly death. So while some human teenagers claim they’ll die if they don’t mate, ferrets really will.

Frogs See Everything, Always

Everyone recognises that frogs have weirdly positioned eyes. But, as with most things in the animal kingdom, those eyes serve an important purpose. It turns out that frogs can see in all directions, all the time, with a full 360° range. That’s right, it is impossible to sneak up on a frog.

What’s more is that frogs may blink, but are unable to close their eyes during sleep. Yes, even when sleeping a frog is aware of what’s going on around it, 100% of the time.

Dolphins Sleep-Swim In Order To Breathe

Dolphins are never fully asleep. They’re mammals, and although can hold their breath for a long time, will eventually drown. But if that’s the case, how do they sleep without drowning? Simple, they ensure that enough of their brain is awake to swim to the surface for air.

A handy ability. Imagine if enough of the human brain was awake during sleep that online soccer betting activities could be enjoyed, even as you snored away. So many more winning possibilities would await. A dolphin might be able to do just that, given that they also sleep with an eye open. Who knew dolphins were so alert, even when sound asleep.

A Whale’s Tongue Weighs As Much As An Elephant

Most know that blue whales are big, but are perhaps misled about just how big. Blue whales are so big, first and foremost, that no other animal in the ocean is even a threat. If trying to understand just how big, consider that just the tongue of the animal weighs as much as a full grown elephant.

Of course, whale’s do have exceptionally large tongues, even for their size. Even still, a whole whale weighs as much as around 30 elephants. Thankfully, the gentle giants don’t eat humans. In fact, some seem to be rather fond of the little bald human creatures, and will peacefully swim with them.