Many sit and wonder what it would be like to have dinosaurs wondering around, fascinated by the idea that something so big really existed. Don’t look now but blue whales are far bigger than any dinosaur, being the largest animal to have ever existed on earth. Yes, if you think a brachiosaurs was big, a blue whale is significantly bigger and heavier.

If you find that fact surprising, wait until you hear some of these other incredible blue whale facts. These facts are all 100% true, even if they sound a little far-fetched.

Bigger At Birth

The size of the blue whale is beyond the comprehension of the average human. When we think big we tend to think of King Kong. But guess what, if a blue whale were to stand on its tail it would be able to look most depictions of King Kong in the eyes. A whale would stand 10 floors if on its tail, which is taller than the head of a brachiosaurus.

What’s more is that even a blue whale at birth is enormous. A baby blue whale is bigger even than a full grown elephant, which really does put things into perspective. If blue whales disliked humans we’d all be in a lot of trouble. Thankfully they aren’t interested in us at all in a worst case scenario, or rather enjoy studying as in a best case scenario.

Giant Hearts

Speaking of studying us, blue whales are widely known to even be friendly to humans. There are many cases of curious whales swimming along with humans, just for fun. The giants are careful to not hurt their new human friends, keeping a safe distance. Imagine sitting in a boat, checking out mega casino bonuses on your phone, only to realise Godzilla is swimming beneath you.

So I guess you could say whales have a big heart. Though, they really do have enormously big hearts. The heart of a blue whale weighs about as much as 3 grown men. More fascinating still is that when diving deep under the ocean, whale hearts will slow to just 2 beats a minute. This ensures that they have plenty of air, and don’t drown.

Loud And Proud

So blue whales are friendly, large, and have big hearts. They also happen to be incredibly loud. It is possible to hear a blue whale from around 1,600 kilometres away, making them the loudest creatures on the planet. In fact, they’re even louder than most man-made machines.

It is also believed that the sounds blue-whales make are far more than just noise. It has been observed by marine biologists that whale groans and moans may be an advanced language.

Greedy Eaters

So how much food is required to sustain a blue whale? 4,000kgs a day. Blue whales guzzle an absurd amount of krill daily; their primary diet. It just goes to show; the biggest animal on earth prefers to not eat other mammals, being fine with just omega-3 rich seafood.